About Freightbazaar

What is freightbazaar

Freightbazaar is India’s largest online platform to  connect Truck Users and Truck Suppliers and facilitate hassle-free and convenient Truck hiring process. It is an integrated and convenient platform supported with Risk mitigation tools, flexibility, secure payment gateway and excellent customer service.   Whether  you are a Truck owner, Transporter, Small company, Large Company, Broker or Agent, our platform is open to all. You can take advantage of online coaching tools and other value added services to boost your business.

FreightBazaar has more than 1,000 registered users and is accessed by visitors from 200 cities across India covering 31 States and Union Territories.

What We Do

FreightBazaar is an online Platform to connect Truck Users and Truck Suppliers. Truck Users can submit Load availability and get a reliable Truck Supplier. Truck Suppliers can find Loads and increase their business.

We understand that the Transportation is not just about truck hiring. Its also about managing Post-hiring processes and Risks. Therefore, we are building an integrated platform wherein activities covering from submitting the truck requirement to payments can be done online.  These are supported by Risk Management Tools.

Why choose Us

FreightBazaar is dedicated to 100% Customer Satisfaction. We ensure that everything  right from Truck hiring to payments is smooth and hassle free. We bring Reliable customers who enable transactions in transparent and convenient way. Through FreightBazaar, customers can grow business and increase profitability all in hassle –free way.

With more than 1,000 registered users, leading companies in India are using our solutions to improve their supply chain management. We believe that our customers are our partners. We continuously take their feedback in order to improve our products and services.

Freightbazaar in Numbers

Over 1000 Businesses from 200 cities across India use FreightBazaar. Here are some facts:

  • More than 1000 Registered users
  • Rs. 1.5 to 4 Crores of Freight business on offer every month
  • Visitors from more than 200 cities across India covering 31 States and Union Territories
  • India’s leading companies are using the platform