3 Year Ago

A driver-friendly utility launched for faster Return Loads


At FreightBazaar, we always try to find innovative ways to help our supplier partners so that they can benefit from use of technology and manage their business more effectively.

FreightBazaar has developed a first of its kind utility for truck suppliers and drivers so that they can have higher chances of securing faster return loads on inter-city journeys.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. FreightBazaar has developed a unique automated IVR system that you can access from anywhere to search for loads. In addition, they can use this service to publish truck availability for return loads.Since this IVR system is accessible from any phone, driver can use this system from anywhere to inquire about return loads just by dailing on +91 80 99 33 22 11.

Usually drivers rely on internet connections to get loads for their trucks but what if the driver doesn't have an Internet connections or if they are on a slow network? Well, with this Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility, they can easily post their truck requirements or search for loads without requiring any Internet connection and just by dialing on +91 80 99 33 22 11.

FreightBazaar IVR System


Registered supplier partners will also receive automatic matching alerts whenever there is a matching load in the system. What’s more, the FreightBazaar IVR facility is available in Hindi and English. So, you and your drivers can let go of some of the return load anxieties during the next inter-city deliveries and rely on FreightBazaar platform to help find the return loads.

So, go ahead and give it a try today. Follow these simple steps:

1.            Dial this number +91 80 99 33 22 11 from anywhere.

2.            Follow the instructions and accordingly you can search load or post your requirements.

Note that for searching load or posting truck availability you have to enter either PIN Code or STD code of vehicle availability location.

Now save your time, do more transactions and grow your business with this new automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility.

Try it today and give us your feedback.

For more information you can mail us at customercare@freightbazaar.com or contact us through 91- 80 99 33 22 11.

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