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Air Quality Control and Monitoring Summit, New Delhi, 5th & 6th May


An event is organized by TechSci Events on Air Quality Control and Monitoring Summit on 5th and 6th May in New Delhi. This is a 2 day interactive session that will create a robust understanding of the Air Quality in India, the reasons why the Air Quality is deteriorating in India and also suggest measures to monitor and control it. It will also help us in equipping with the latest technicalities and innovations involved in monitoring and controlling Air Pollution. 


This event will be presented by various senior leaders from multinationals, industry experts etc. The elite list of speakers are MOEFF, NEERI, CPCB, NGT,  WHO, European Commission, DFAG- Asia, AIIMS, Rio Tinto, TUV Rheinland, KEC International, International Paper, Green Freight India Working Group, Navin Fluorine International, Tata Motors, Clean Air Asia, CSE, SIAM, Tata Power, and many more.


TechSciEvents is a global market research and consulting company with offices in Canada, US, UK and India. They provide market research consulting services in verticals - Chemicals, Thermal Power Plants, Information Technology & Telecommunication, Water & Water Recycling, Consumer Goods & Retail, Automotive, Power, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Food & Agriculture Commodities, Semiconductors & Electronics, Industrial Automation and Equipment.


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