3 Year Ago

MOTORINDIA: Not-So-Happy Journeys of Truck Drivers in India

Transportation sector in India contributes to almost 90 percent of the country's passenger traffic and 65 percent of the freight. This is the most unorganized sector but also the most important, as our economy is based on it. In this sector, the major role is played by the truck drivers, they are the one because of whom the economy is working smoothly. But does anyone have thought of major challenges which are faced by them in their daily lives?

It's really not an easy job to be a truck driver in a country like India. Their job is very pressurized and have to face the major challenges such as Improper sleep, Improper food facility, payments, highway robberies, poor sanitation and many more.

The conditions of truck drivers in India is very poor and government should come up with few initiatives to improve their conditions and to provide them a better life.

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