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FreightBazaar introducing Freight Expense Card System

FreightBazaar introducing Freight Expense Card System - A Digital Cash Management Solution For Fleet Operators and Businesses.  Simplify cash management by replacing physical cash with FREIGHT EXPENSE CARDs that are linked to a software.

Benefits of Freight Expense Card System

  • Reduce your working capital
  • No need to give cash to drivers/employees
  • Add or Remove cash with drivers/employees digitally
  • Optimise cash flow up to 75% 
  • Zero cash leakage
  • 100 %  security


Features of Freight Expense Card System

Expense Card                                                                                                                                    Users can see the total expense cards, card details, available balance in card and driver assigned to the cards.

Driver/Employee with Cards
Transporters/Fleet Owners can see the listing and details of all drivers/employees with the assigned card, can see the available balance in the card, can see the card status (Activate/Deactivate), can load money and withdraw money from the card.

Manage Driver/Employee
The user can add the Drivers/Employee Account, can remove Driver/Employee from the list.

Request For Additional Cards
If you want more cards then you can send a request for additional cards.

Users KYC
Users can upload and monitor the KYC documents of Drivers/Employees.

Recharge Account
The user can recharge their expense account online.


To Simplify Cash Management - Request Freight Expense Card Now

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